Protecting Trees
The homeowners are saving this beautiful, mature tree. Even though it’s far from the construction, crews still put a fence around it so that no one piles debris underneath, damaging the roots. 
Cased Opening
This cased opening isn't part of the design. Make sure the framer understands all custom details since a little due diligence goes a long way toward saving costs later.
Cover Yourself
Sometimes people blame preexisting problems, like a cracked driveway, on their neighbor’s construction crews. If you sense a possible issue, take photos to protect yourself. 
Floor Patch
A rotten subfloor may mean foundation problems. Find and fix the issue rather than just patch it and walk away.
Even if your wood is strong, add plenty of extra bracing. In this case, the weight of the roof makes the structure top-heavy. If a good wind came along, the roof could act as a sail. 

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