Venting the Foundation

A rotten subfloor had to be completely replaced and some beams repaired. As you can see, the damage was worse on the top of the beams where they meet the home’s floor. This is likely because condensation was trapped there by the air conditioner. 

Going forward, ventilation under the house is going to be a major challenge. North Texas has a lot of clay soil, which shrinks and swells dramatically depending on moisture content. Without an acceptable and consistent level of moisture under the home, the clients could experience a lot of unwanted shifting in the future. The new floor plan has large porches on three sides of the house, which takes away areas to place the vents. We’re concerned that there won’t be enough airflow to the center of the home so we’re going to add a ventilation fan. We will also install additional vents wherever possible.Lastly, the foundation will need proper drainage. After gutters are installed and landscaping is in place, a crucial yet often overlooked step, is to add area or French drains around the outside to carry excess rainwater away from the foundation.  

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