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One of the best ways we found to expand our referral pond was by creating a site on Houzz.

Up until a few years ago, almost all of our business was referral based.  We did zero advertising or marketing.  We were very proud of being able to generate enough referrals to keep our business running when a wise woman in an organization we are a part of questioned us.

She asked:

"What are you going to do when that referral pond runs dry? Because it will run dry at some point and then who will you work for?"

One of the best ways we found to expand our pond was by creating a site on Houzz. We found that within a week and a few hundred dollars invested we already generated our first quality lead. Shortly after, we were able to gain new clients who became happy, who then referred us to their friends and family. Houzz quickly became one of our top lead sources.

(Here’s a good piece about why “Online Referral Sites Are the New Must” by Professional Remodeler senior contributing editor Wendy A. Jordan.)

All the badges we've won on Houzz

We have won several Houzz awards including Best in Service and Best in Design for a couple of years running. We recently were given the Influencer badge because our advice and knowledge posts were most appreciated by the Houzz community, and the Recommended badge for being a top-rated pro on Houzz.

We make sure to update our site regularly with new projects and invest in professional photos of all our completed jobs. We write descriptions and tags for each picture and also add before photos that show the dramatic changes that took place. If you haven’t already, be sure to invest in Houzz, it will be worth your time and resources!!

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