Talking Trim


For starters, most of the house will not have crown moulding which means the trim needs to be more pronounced to make up for that lack of crown.


Like many people, I love crown moulding, but the majority of the rooms have 8-foot ceilings and for me, adding that element on top makes the space feel a little cramped. There’s a lot of debate in the design community over whether crown moulding can work with an 8-foot height, and I am on the side that says, in general, it’s not a good idea.

(The master bedroom’s 9-foot ceilings will have crown moulding, as will areas, such as the kitchen, where cabinets reach the ceiling.)

Another reason I selected slightly more ornate trim is to stay true to the home’s overall design. The house has a classic-transitional look with clean lines and a lot of white. It’s important that the design remain consistent so it doesn’t feel like a mish-mash of unrelated pieces.

Finally, I crowned every cased opening which beautifully frames the space. In order to make this work, I needed a trim with some visual weight. 

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