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Because we are not a marketing company, we recently, turned to the experts at Surefire Social to help take our digital presence to the next level. They have been excellent. The company knows how to help small businesses target their local markets to increase leads and website traffic. Right now, Surefire is working with us on site development and enhancements, SEO, social media and blogging. Anything we do online needs to have one main objective: drive people to our website. And we want that website to be the best brochure and lead generation machine that money can buy!

To that end, Surefire has revamped our website with SEO-friendly content and more calls to action. Their social media department has hit the ground running! We’re super happy with our targeted, daily, social media posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Linkedin to keep our name in front of our audience. We’ve added several hundred followers and “Likes” to our pages in the few short months we’ve been working with them. We’ve also seen a significant increase in traffic to our website and an uptick in quality, prospective clients that contact our company. Surefire also uses a powerful analytics process to verify where we’re making the most impact. Our coaches collaborate with us regularly to make sure we’re getting the results we want.

Marketing requires constant upkeep. There is always something fresh to advertise to your customers, whether it’s a new strategy for dust control in a client’s home, a newsletter showcasing recent projects, a discussion of trends in pet-friendly spaces, or an industry award. We want our values and character to be represented in all media that reaches the public and Surefire has done a great job helping to make that happen. 

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