Help Clients Find the Perfect Paint Color

Tips to help homeowners choose a paint color they won't regret

When it comes to selecting a paint color, homeowners have a lot at stake—after all, they’re the ones that have to live with it. But that doesn’t mean your experience as a remodeling professional won’t be valuable.

Color experts at Benjamin Moore offers some tips on how to talk through the color selection process with clients.

“Color can change our perception of the space around us, turning it cool and energetic, spacious or cozy,” they say. Here they are, broken down in three simple steps:

1. Find Inspiration

You can help your clients come up with ideas by creating a portfolio of what appeals to them: ask them about a favorite painting, an unforgettable vacation in Morocco, or that great hike they did in the Grand Canyon.

First, take into consideration their inspirational image's common denominators in terms of color. Do they like a variety of colors or particular shades and tints of a specific color? Do they like them bold or muted? Digging deep in the well of inspiration plays an important role in selecting and whittling down choices.

2. Define the Mood

Secondly, is there a mood or theme that they would like to achieve in a particular space, such as a restful feel in the bedroom, or an energizing feel to the family room? The mood will lay the groundwork on the desired visual impact of a chosen paint color palette.

3. Use Key Elements in the Home

Last but not least, take stock of all the key elements in the house. Is there carpeting, hardwood floors, modern or antique furniture? The color of the flooring is an important consideration when choosing colors because it anchors the room and can impact the color on the wall due to reflections.

Furnishings also play an important role in determining the perfect color scheme for your house. Since these are usually the most expensive and not easily replaced items in the house, they tend to suggest a coordinating color scheme that ties everything together. An invaluable heirloom dining table, for example, will never be discarded because it doesn't match the wall color of the dining room.

Make sure to check out the wonderful resources from Benjamin Moore, such as this illustrated web-book or their gallery of 3,000 colors.

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