Early Adjustments Done Right

Our project manager scrutinizes each drawing while the framing is getting under way, looking for small details that got overlooked. These field adjustments can mean adding or taking away a couple of inches -- or even as little as a half-inch -- in certain spaces. On this particular drawing, Greg noticed that dimensions for a cased opening near the refrigerator did not allow for the width of the trim. This won’t look right in the finished space because when the refrigerator goes in, it will be right up against the opening and will overlap the casing.

To make it work, Greg plans to reduce the dimensions of the cased opening to match those of a cased opening on the opposite side of the kitchen, which will ensure visual symmetry. He will then make sure that the framer has an accurate centerline to pull dimensions from.

Luckily changes like this are easier (and much less costly!) to make now than they would be if they weren't discovered until after the walls had been closed up. 

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