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Communication….it’s probably one of the most common complaints companies hear from clients. We know how difficult it is to thoroughly discuss each item of a complex remodeling project with each client in a timely manner. Hatfield Builders & Remodelers uses Co-construct, an online project management program to help our jobs run as smoothly as possible.

The systems securely houses all information on project plans, selections, upgrades, change orders, financial decisions, questions, documents, photos, and more. This online access lets our clients stay in touch and well-informed. It stops the email chains and retains all comments, questions, and answers in one organized spot.

Co-construct makes selections and approvals easy for everyone: the clients, designers, project and production managers, and even trade partners. The clients can review what selection choices they have made, see what decisions are coming up next and when they are needed. They can also view and approve change orders without having to print, sign and scan documents back and forth. The up-to-date financial tool gives clients a running total of the financial decisions they have made on their project. 

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