A Common Mistake

Many people don’t know the difference between a Chevron and Herringbone pattern and often will use the word “Chevron” to describe them both.

But, don’t be fooled, they are not the same!

(In fact, when searching online to find an example of a chevron floor, we came across more than one blogger who had gotten it wrong.) The key is in the zig-zag. Here is a bathroom from Oxa Architecture with gray tile in a chevron pattern. 

As you can see, the pieces are lined up with the ends touching which form a continuous, angled line. 

On the other hand, the homeowner for the Model ReModel selected elegant brown tiles in a herringbone pattern for one of the upstairs bathrooms. With the herringbone, the ends of each piece never touch, so that the zig-zag is broken.

Here is an illustration from Remodelista that shows the difference really well.

Now you can speak about this with authority. 

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