Color Plans: Pop and Cohesion in Kitchen and Bath

Using black in the kitchen does not mean it will be dark and feel cramped

We know that homeowner and interior designer Carrie Hatfield wants to go for a clean white palette from Benjamin Moore for most of the house.  But there will be some color splashes and surprises here and there.


"I'm using a soft black for the cabinet in the breakfast area," Hatfield says. "It has glass doors, and the inside will be white. One possible color is Benjamin Moore’s Black Jack. The inside of the cabinet will be Simply White." Although it's a bold design choice, black can add a highly successful element to a kitchen design. Below is a kitchen photographed by William Quarles with Black Jack cabinets.


#kitchen in black+white+dust...

A photo posted by Carrie Hatfield (@carriehatfielddesign) on Jun 29, 2015 at 10:15am PDT

The backsplash will be white 3x5 ceramic tiles from Ann Sacks. It’s a Barbara Berry design. "To balance the white and black, the countertops are a Calacatta marble called Carrara Premium.

For another pop of color, the green Dunbar sofa pictured below will be put in the breakfast room.


.vintage dunbar...@nbrockantiques...☀️for a bit

A photo posted by Carrie Hatfield (@carriehatfielddesign) on May 27, 2015 at 1:39pm PDT

Master bathroom

The Bathroom counter is Eros Gray marble from Ann Sacks (pictured above). "It’s a new stone from them, and I love the color," Hatfield says. 

Hale Navy (pictured above) will be in the pocket doors on the master bathroom. "I wanted them to be something different, in high gloss," Hatfield says.  The idea was to echo the Hale Navy used in the front room to add balance to the home. "For the house to flow I feel that it’s important to pick up different accents from various parts of the home," Hatfield says.

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