3 Tips for Passing Inspections

Hatfield takes building inspections seriously. There’s a lot of time and money involved, and we don’t want to do things twice. Here are three quick tips to getting a green tag each time.

1. Be prepared! 

Don’t get an inspector to come to the job site unless you know you’re truly ready. Many contractors will book an inspection when they’re almost done, forecasting that whatever is left will be completed by the time the inspector arrives. This is a bad practice! Things can, and do, come up that prevent the work from being 100 percent done.

2. Know your building codes

You can count on the fact that your inspector will, and won’t be shy about correcting you. In addition, codes change, so be sure you are referencing the latest version. 

3. Treat the building inspectors with respect

Get to know them if possible. Our Project Manager Greg Bailey has become friendly with quite a few inspectors over the years and will often call them to ask questions if he’s concerned about a particular building code. Greg has developed a mutual trust, which is particularly helpful if there’s a small item that needs to be corrected when a green tag is issued.  The inspector knows it will get fixed with Greg on the job.  


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